How long does it take for SEO to work?

It takes around six months for a well-executed SEO campaign to start paying off.
Pound for pound, SEO is the best way to achieve lasting online visibility and get
a steady stream of qualified leads delivered straight to your business.

While there are other methods that may work faster – pay per click advertising is
the biggest one – they entail bigger risks. SEO provides major competitive
advantages market rivals can’t beat just by coming along with a bigger budget.

Can you itemize the services you intend to provide as part of the strategy?

Yes we give a list of the services we provide as part of the strategy we use to optimize your website.
We provide a monthly report of what we have don so you are up to date.

What are the exact services, and quantities of each, you plan to deliver monthly as part of the strategy?

The services we provide is based on research and data, not on gut feeling.
This is what we will provide from months one to three,

An SEO audit of your site
An analysis of your site’s link profile
Optimized content on your site
Articles with links to your site that are being or have been published on other sites

But the services we provide from month four onwards
are subject to change based on what we discover in the initial start-up phase.

How many hours can we expect per month for each service?

We Do not work on a hourly basis. We work with you as a partner not an employee as such we provide the work at the right moment
That will give the best result for your business. We can do a lot of things on a hourly basis but that does not
help your website to rang each action most be done at right time in the right way to get the best possible results.

When can I stop working on SEO?”

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see results.
On the flip side, the longer you keep it going, the longer those results will last.

The three-month “setup” period a good SEO campaign needs is well worth it.
That’s the time when your whole website is aligned with SEO.
Everything you do in the future will produce benefits you expect
and keep fueling your search engine success.

If you stop paying attention to SEO, you might maintain rankings
for certain searches you focused a lot of resources on in the past.
In the long run, though, motivated competitors will leave you in the dust.
It’s never a good idea to just quit digital marketing.

Do small, local businesses need digital marketing?”

Yes! No matter how large or small, if you have a business, you need a website.

And if you need a website – and you want it to help you make money – you need marketing.

If you don’t plan to take orders, reservations, or even customer questions on your website,
it still has a role to play. Google uses information from your site to answer queries
from users on mobile devices traveling near your business.

So, for example, if someone types in “Italian restaurants near me,”
your site will only come up if you’ve put some work into the marketing side.

This can help you add dozens or even hundreds of visitors to your foot traffic,
so it’s very much worth it. In fact, small businesses can find modest
digital marketing investments make a bigger bottom line splash
than they would for a far larger “online-only” company.