corporate law The seo london high quality programme

corporate law The seo london high quality programme

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The seo london corporate law programme

The seo london corporate law programme
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) has experienced a dramatic growth over the years due to the dedication for in-depth training and high quality mentoring. It’s an unofficial manifesto of the seo london corporate law programme to offer all those enrolled individually tailored education and mentoring which will assure them to outperform their peers. Taking to consideration than more than 80% of those who beneficiated of the seo corporate law experience have received full time graduate roles and 40% of them have received multiple offers, it has become a fact that the seo London corporate law experience is keeping up with its promises.
The programme offers solutions for first year students, penultimate and final year students and those completing the GDL and LPC.
First year students can participate in the programme designed especially for them which features training and insights from all partner law firms. In the first year spring placement, those who impress will be places on partner law firms.
Penultimate and final year students can be a part of the winter, spring and summer partner law firm vacation scheme and have the possibility to be considered for training contract opportunities.
Those who are completing the GDL or LPC can be considered for the vacation scheme and training contracts as well.
SEO’s vacation placements are over 100 early and a high proportion goes to secure training contract. Partner law firms offer from 12% up to 20% of the training contracts of SEO candidates and over 80% of the candidates have been offered full time, secure positions in the partner firms. 
The seo london programme offers all candidates the key to unlock their full potential with the help of Alumni, mentors, programmes tailored especially for them and the possibility to enter doors of partner law firms that will complete the high quality experience the programme has to offer.

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